Rebecca Bender is more than just a survivor of domestic Sex Trafficking.  She is an award winning, internationally recognized speaker, author and Survivor Leader in the movement to eradicate modern day slavery. 

Her testimony of redemption, escaping a life of sex trafficking, can be read in her first book Roadmap to Redemption, which has helped hundreds of victims find hope. 

Finishing her master's degree in Christian Thought, Rebecca is now a licensed Minister and mother of four children. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their family.

Her engaging speaking surpasses her ability to bring awareness to the issue of modern day slavery and helps us all change the mindset of our culture. 

She received the Unlikely Hero Award in 2013 for her advocacy work with both domestic and international victims of human trafficking and the 2014 Female Overcomer Award.  Rebecca brings a presence with her whether she is speaking and training at secular or faith based event. You do not want to miss out on having Rebecca Bender at your next event.

Rebecca is dedicated to changing the mindset of our culture, both in the Christian Community and concerning Human Trafficking. Her fresh perspective of the Word of God collides with the very social issues we face today.

The moment she opened her mouth, I was on the edge of my seat. My heart was taken back by her authenticity as she told her story of redemption. She had me laughing, she had me crying, but most of all she engaged my heart in way that inspired me to think bigger and to love more.
— Lu Crenshaw