Rebecca Bender Initiative is committed to changing the mindset of our culture by equipping front-line advocates and communities on issues that affect today’s culture, and assisting victims of sex trafficking in finding true freedom through individual restoration and empowerment.


RBI's Vision is to see a world free of exploitation, where all people can go after their dreams with zealous abandon. We desire to help all people reach their dreams, knowing that their past does not have to define nor determine their destiny. By creating innovative and culturally competent programs, we are able to provide direct services to victims of sexual exploitation and assist those who are working the front lines in finding them. By participating in a multi-media approach, we can radically shift the way culture sees the issue of commercial sexual exploitation in America.



Thank you for learning more about RBI and what we are doing to change the culture. I believe that everyone, every human being, is born for greatness. However, somewhere along our journeys, some of us have been targeted and exploited, even lured away with false promises to reach those dreams. I know first-hand what that is like, and after escaping, I still had that burning desire to find out why I had lived when others had died. On my journey to find it, I met many other men, women and children just like me: mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. We were all on a journey to figure out what that greatness was and could be.

More than that, we want to come along side survivors and help them create tangible, strategic ways to make their dreams a reality. In the last three years we have made incredible progress in enhancing the lives of survivors across the world, assisting in the direct escape of women and children, and impacting the nation on what trafficking looks like in communities all around us. We’d love for you to join us!   

Rebecca Bender, CEO and Founder


When Rebecca Bender escaped a life of sex trafficking in 2007, little did she know that less than a decade later she would become a worldwide leader in the anti-trafficking movement. The Rebecca Bender Initiative (RBI) was born out of Rebecca’s personal story. A journey from brokenness and trauma to redemption and healing. At the time of her escape, Rebecca had given her pimp six years of her life. She was a young single mother with a criminal record and zero hope. That’s when she decided to give God six years and see what he would do with it. Rebecca actively sought healing and recovery during this time. She got a job, started college again and got married. Little by little, She allowed God to put the pieces of her life back together and instill in her a new sense of purpose and passion.

Even as Rebecca began to really thrive and achieve new dreams, her heart broke for those still enslaved in the life or attempting to heal from the trauma of it after escape. She decided to help other survivors. In 2013, Rebecca published Roadmap to Redemption, a book now used by hundreds of survivors as an important tool in their own healing journey. It has sold nearly 5,000 copies and is available in both English and Bulgarian. In 2014, Rebecca founded RBI. Since then, RBI has grown exponentially due in large part to RBI’s investment in other survivor leaders. The majority of our staff are volunteers, over 60% are survivors. RBI changes the culture by opening people’s eyes to the cultural norms, beliefs and actions that fuel sex trafficking — things often hidden in plain sight. RBI provides services, resources and practical tools to help survivors heal, grow and flourish. And it doesn’t stop there. RBI keeps giving back. Survivors’ lives are changed. And those changed lives go on to help change the lives of other survivors, families and communities.

That’s the culture of RBI. That’s how RBI is changing the culture to eradicate modern day slavery.