Kathy Bryan was once a victim of child sex trafficking. Today, thanks to God’s amazing mercy and grace, she has overcome that evil.  A successful speaker, consultant and mentor, Kathy has a unique way of conveying the horrific truths of Human Trafficking in a relatable way, weaving her own experience into her presentation leaving listeners enlightened, engaged and inspired to action. Whether you speak with her one on one, or hear her present to a room of 800, you will feel she is speaking directly to you.

Kathy testified before the Arkansas House and Senate in support of Human Trafficking Legislation, which was subsequently passed and became law.  She has guest lectured at the University of Arkansas Little Rock, and Arkansas State University.  Currently, she holds the position of Program Director and Lead Mentor for Rebecca Bender Initiative. Kathy is a member of both the National Survivor Network and the Survivor Leader Institute.

Over the course of her life she has succeeded in many business endeavors, from restaurant management, to owning her own retail store, to becoming a licensed Realtor. Kathy is that person we all know. You know, the one everyone calls for advice, information, and assistance.  She has been an active leader in her local church providing supportive listening, lay counseling, and small group leadership for over 20 years. There is much to be found in her wheelhouse, ultimately though, her heart beats for helping people understand each other, which fosters empathy and a foundation for unity.

Kathy and Keith, her husband of thirty years, have three children who married three wonderful spouses giving them six kids and now eight grands, whom they adore!  Any free time they carve out is spent traveling through their beautiful Arkansas and the world beyond.