These are some ways YOU can get involved in Fighting, Empowering and Preventing Human Trafficking

  1. Commit your community project to helping domestic victims. Click here find out more. 

  2. Buy your ink from Secor, the net profits come directly to RBI. 

  3. Join RBI! Use your gifts right from home! We are always in need of volunteers or interns! Please help us see how you would best fit by sending us a cover letter and resume with past experience, your interests and a reference.

  4. Help raise funds and donate to Elevate Academy or to assist with our Benevolence Fund.

  5. Buy our Training Series Kit and use it to train your community. 

  6. Start a high school or college group on campus. 

  7. "Reach high school students with human trafficking prevention education through the Prevention Project® program. Not only prevent victimization, but invest in them as leaders and part of the solution." and please hyperlink it to our Prevention Project website.

  8. Show the documentary ChosenVery Young Girls or Nefarious at a community or school event.

  9. Invite Fight the New Drug or Pornscar to give an assembly or even city wide workshop.

  10. Start a local Youth.Ending.Slavery chapter in your school.

  11. Show one of the documentaries and prepare discussion questions for a youth group night.

  12. Lobby with at your local town hall during human trafficking awareness month.  

  13. Create awareness ads, fact sheets and calls to action and hang posters around town, church or at your school during January human trafficking awareness month.

  14. Host a More Than A Survivor Campaign in your city.

  15. Partner with Rotary and Interact (Rotary's youth program) to collaborate on their efforts to raise awareness.

  16. Become a Shared Hope Ambassador

  17. Have a local candlelight vigil and invite a local pastor to pray.

  18. Host a 5k walk or lantern walk and donate funds to places like the Rebecca Bender Initiative who offer escape resources for victims (plane, hotel, taxi, etc).

  19. Partner with Rebecca Bender to change the culture by hosting booths at any local event.

  20. Do a toiletries drive and create "care kits" to donate to a locale emergency shelter: sanitizer, deodorant, toothbrush and paste, face wipes. (please stay away from any hotel items as to not trigger trafficked girls). 

  21. Have a Black Out game inviting students to wear all back (any black t-shirt gets a raffle ticket and raffle off starbucks at half time: have a booth for people to learn more).

  22. Host a fashion show where the whole family can get involved, invite a speaker and have booths with other local orgs.

  23. Get a team together to Sponsor A Survivor: your work team, club, church group, etc.

  24. Do what YOU are passionate about to help end trafficking!