Deni Anders brings a unique blend of patience, gentleness, encouragement and on-point observations that help people move forward in becoming who they were created to be.

Her coaching style assists people in gaining clarity, the confidence to try new things, insights about who they are as well as their natural strengths. She then helps people take the practical, concrete steps they need to move forward.

As a Professional Certified Coach, with the International Coach Federation, Deni has more than 1200 hours of coaching experience. She’s also a member of the John Maxwell team as a certified speaker, trainer and coach. Interesting fact: Deni’s worked with people from six of the seven continents.

Working with RBI
Deni has a long-standing interest in justice. When she learned about slavery as a child, she imagined herself coming alongside of the freedom fighters and working to liberate those who had been enslaved. 

After running across the terms human trafficking and child trafficking, Deni set out to learn everything she could about this unimaginable reality. She began educating herself on statistics and the underlying causes, what trafficking looks like in different countries, and about the people and organizations that are working to end trafficking in its different forms around the world.

The more she learned, the more she worked to educate others about the things she was learning, all the while feeling the urge to do even more. Finally, Deni realized she could combine her passion for justice with her passion for coaching. She’s one of the original members of the RBM team.